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I love a good event and with the fast pace of life, wonder if companies could be doing more to make fun events a regular occasion for employees – not just for clients. The heart of a great company is its people. Internal marketing is essential to keep staff motivated
Blythswood Square, Glasgow is well know for its fun atmosphere, range of flexible room layouts and bespoke menus to create an occasion to remember. The team are currently offering a summer promotion providing double loyalty points when you book a private event. The loyalty points can be redeemed for hotel vouchers: overnight stays, dining experiences, spa packages and much more.

Below are some excuses to throw an event this summer:

Team building
Team building sounds corny, however it is essential in the business world. For one, it helps to improve communication between employees and higher management. It can also go a long way towards improving professional relationships and building on values such as trust, cooperation and understanding. It’s important to carry out team building days in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Blythswood Square offer a range of classes where you could tie in some fun activities, such as cupcake making, flower arranging and wine tasting

Getting to know each other
With the fast pace of activity going on in the workplace, it can be hard to get to know colleagues. When you are busy attempting to keep your workload to a manageable level, you don’t have the time to learn about other people. Opportunities can be lost. Taking some time away from the office provides you with valuable time to find out what skills your colleagues have. It is also good to have a laugh and let off some steam.

Strategy planning should not be carried out around day to day interruptions. Therefore, an away day is the perfect opportunity to get focused. Developing a vision for the future is the foundation for long term success. It can be difficult to think strategy with the phone ringing every 5 minutes. Why not end the session by rewarding the team with the crème de la crème of movie nights?

Rewarding and motivating staff
Taking people for granted can lead to long term damage. A motivated employee is a productive employee. Without motivation, people can become less productive, less creative and this will have an impact on the internal environment. An away day is a perfect opportunity to say thanks and to set aside time to have fun. All work and no play is very overrated. If you really want to impress why not treat staff to some stunning cocktails?

For further information, and to book a private event, please visit or call 0141 248 8888

Terms and Conditions
To qualify for double points, events must take place before the 31st August 2014.Valid for new bookings only. Subject to availability.

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