Private Dining at The Bonham


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Pulling together a fabulous event gives me a great feeling of
satisfaction.  I love seeing all the hard work pay off and the smiles on my guest’s faces.  If I were to pick my favourite event, that I have arranged, it would be The Bonham fashion show in 2009. Our clients still talk about it today. The hotel was buzzing and it was such a fun evening.

To ensure success, it is vital that an event has been carefully planned and executed. At The Bonham, we are well known for our private dining events and feel fortunate to have gained a loyal customer base over the past 16 years.  Below, I have put together my top 10 tips to arrange the perfect private dining event. I hope you find them useful.

  1. Chose a venue you are comfortable with. 

If you trust the venue, you will feel relaxed that things will go smoothly.  It’s as simple as that.

2. Chose a venue that is flexible

When pulling everything together, it’s important that you have a partnership with a team who are flexible.  Plans can change, right up to the very last minute.  A good venue will react quickly and be accommodating to every need. 

3. Chose the right space that will suit your event

It’s important to go with a venue that sets the scene and atmosphere for the type of event you want to put on.  It’s also important that your dining event is in a space that is of an appropriate size for your numbers.  A room that is too large and looks empty, or too small and therefore uncomfortable, will leave a negative impression.

bonham events
Private Events Space at The Bonham, Edinburgh.

4. The right food and menu for your guests

When it comes to the food, selection is key along with flexibility to cater for various dietary requirements.  It is important that each and every person is considered and made to feel special.  Unless the room is full of foodies, it is always best to have a couple of safe options.  Restricting a menu to a foie gras starter, followed by shellfish could be a risky move.  I also feel that it is very important to keep vegetarian options innovative and fresh.  There are only so many mushroom risottos and goats cheese parcels a person can eat in their lifetime!

5. Meets budgets

It can be easy to get carried away and therefore it is essential that you set your budget with the venue from the start.  Then you can adapt and prioritise what is important and where you can get away with cutting costs.

6. Right location

Ideally the location should be fairly accessible, unless you have the budget to cover transport or overnight accommodation.  You are less likely to have last minute cancellations if the venue is fairly central.

7. Venue to have the same values as you want for your event

Understanding what impression you wish to leave after an event is very important.  Be clear with the venue with regards to what is required should this be privacy, a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere or something more upbeat with fun music. If fast service is important make this very clear.

8. Venue assistance to make your event special

Every event you plan is unique and the little touches count in order to leave a lasting impression.  Ideally you should go into partnership with a venue who are known for going that extra mile, and providing original ideas.

9. Trust in the venue/manager to get it right on the day

If you have been let down by a venue manager in the past, this can impact the trust you have for future events.  It is important to work with Managers who have experience and a natural ability to keep calm under pressure and who always put the guests needs first.

10. Right guest list and table plan

It’s important to ensure you are inviting the appropriate people to the dinner in line with the objective of the event.  Knowing your guests and who they would be comfortable sitting next to or who they would appreciate a chance to get to know is essential.  If you don’t know this personally then find out as much as you can about the team.  Know your audience and give them the love they deserve.

Bonham Events Room
The private Events Room at The Bonham

To book a private event at The Bonham in Edinburgh visit our website or call our team on 0131 274 7404.

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