Blythswood Square

The Environment

Peter Taylor, Chairman of the Town House Collection, has taken great care with the restoration of the building in Blythswood Square to turn it into one of the most environmentally friendly green hotels in Glasgow and the UK. The latest in renewable energy technology and conservation has been used to create a hotel that successfully blends old with new to create a unique, memorable experience with a strong social and environmental responsibility.

Having built his own eco home with his wife in Edinburgh, Peter wanted this unique project to incorporate all the latest in green building eco innovation. His pioneering approach has successfully retained the architectural features of Blythswood Square whilst implementing advanced green technology that reduces the carbon emissions of the hotel by over 43% compared to a similar building of this size and age.

"Our vision for Blythswood Square was to retain the essence of this landmark historical building and safeguard architectural features whilst bringing it into the 21st century using the most sustainable methods possible. We felt a responsibility to ensure that this wonderful hotel met the environmental standards for our low carbon future so we closely managed and reduced the carbon emissions and chose to work with suppliers who also had the same commitment to protecting the environment, approaching these kind of large scale projects with a clear sustainability strategy not only benefits the environment but it also creates better business performance." Peter Taylor

Behind the historical façade of Glasgow's Blythswood Square is a renewable energy supply, rain water harvesting and environmental appliances that reduce the hotel's energy consumption, running costs and its impact on the environment. The green technology embedded in Blythswood Square includes:

Renewable Energy
The heating systems are a mix of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), wet solar panels (rooftop) and Geothermal (nine 100 metre deep bore holes serving 2 high capacity heat pumps). All controlled by a sophisticated building managment system.

The energy generated is transported around the green hotel in Glasgow on an energy loop that interconnects all the different energy sources resulting in very little wasted energy.

Energy Efficiency
All of the sliding sash windows in the Glasgow hotel have been replaced with highly efficient micro double glazing which is 300% better than the original sash windows at eliminating draughts.
Energy efficient lighting has been employed
The roof has been designed with a ventilation heat recovery system
External walls have been built 9 stones walls thick
Internal walls have also been built using stone for extra insulation

A green water conservation system is in place to harvest rain water
Water appliances chosen for the Glasgow hotel aren't wasteful

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