Mens Spa Days at Blythswood Square

Pit Stop Spa Days for Men

Formerly headquarters to the Royal Scottish Automobile Association, The Spa at Blythswood has named the men’s 'pit stop spa packages' to reflect its ‘racing’ heritage...

The Monte Carlo Rally started from Blythswood Square in 1955 and over the years many high profile racing drivers have frequented the bar which now features memorabilia.

The Pit-stop spa packages have been designed to respond to the demand for the most popular men's spa treatments to be made available in a concise format.

The 'Pit-Stop Spa' package - £180.00 per person
1 x Head Massage
1 x Men's file and polish
1 x Deep tissue massage of Hot Stone Massage
1 x Gentlemen's High Tea

The 'Revved Pit-Stop' package - £135 per person midweek and £150 at the weekend.
1 x Men's file and polish
1 x Head massage
1 x Gentleman's High Tea

To make a booking please contact a member of our Spa team:

T: 0141 240 1622

By Natalie