Spa Pool at Blythswood Square


´╗┐Within our luxury Glasgow spa we have strived to create spaces that allow you to both relax and enjoy the ambience.

Within our treatment floor we have created a tranquil healing environment; keeping noise to a minimum in this zone ensures that every guest gets the maximum benefit from their treatment experience.

Within the remainder of the Spa areas such as our Spa cafe, changing rooms, vitality pools and heat experiences have been designed to enable our guests to engage with each other and enjoy themselves.

Whilst we don't encourage you to shout, we want you to be able to interact with friends and other guests if you choose to.


We recommend that you do not use your bathrobe in the thermal experience area as it is very humid and the robes do get very wet. It is more beneficial to keep your robes dry for having treatments or dining in our spa lounge.

Please contact our Glasgow city centre hotel for more information about our spa:

T: 0141 240 1622