Blythswood Square Spa


´╗┐You will be collected for your luxury spa treatment in Glasgow from our treatment waiting room and your therapist will walk you down to a private treatment room. They will ask you to sit on a chair and after a quick consultation will show you the treatment table, the towel sheet you are to climb under and the hook for your robe. They will give you a few minutes of privacy to disrobe and get onto the treatment bed. After approximately 2 minutes your therapist will come back in the room and your treatment will begin.

The therapists can adjust lighting, music and room temperature to however you wish them.

Should I be naked for my spa treatments?

The vitality pools and heat experiences are mixed zones so we ask that you wear a bathing suit in these areas before and between your Spa treatments in Glasgow.

When having your luxury health spa treatments it is absolutely acceptable to be naked, but please wear your robe while you are not on the treatment table. We provide disposable underwear which you will find in your locker, but is entirely up to you as to whether you wear this or not. We want you to feel comfortable and understand that for some wearing underwear for a massage undermines the spirit of the day, whilst for others their modesty is paramount.

To make a booking in the Spa at Blythswood Square please contact a member of our team:

T: 0141 240 1622