Spa at Blythswood Square


All of our luxury body wraps begin with a body scrub. The wrap that follows works in the same way as the scrub but is a more powerful treatment as it draws deeper toxins from the body. It deeply revitalises the skin and lymphatic system and promotes profound healing to re-energise the body.

ila Bio Energy Body Wrap - £85.00 (55 minutes)
The aim of this treatment is to restore the body's natural biorhythms and deeply relax the nervous system. The energy scrub and mud wrap contain high levels of minerals which charge and restore the body's bio-magnetic energy field. A head massage is given while you are cocooned.

Detoxifying Body Wrap - £85.00 (55 minutes)
This treatment is perfect if you are feeling run down and drained of energy, suffering from fatigue or sluggish circulation. The pure ingredients boost your energy field and immune system, leaving your mind, body and spirit uplifted. The high mineral restores positive energy and removes tiredness. It stimulates the circulation, particularly the lymphatic system, and is effective in easing arthritic and joint pain.

To book our body wrap spa treatments in Glasgow, please contact our team:

T: 0141 240 1622