Blythswood Square

The Salon Bottle Keep

Treat yourself or a loved one to their own bottle of Whisky in the bottle keep at Blythswood Square.

How It Works?
Buy your own personal bottle of Whisky, which will be stored in the exclusive bottle keep in The Salon at Blythswood Square. Your bottle will be kept for you to enjoy every time you visit. What better way to entertain friends and business associates? You will also receive 'the perfect pour' tasting session.

Bottle Keep Whisky Menu

Johnnie Walker Blue Label - £250 BUY AS GIFT

John Walker & Sons Odyssey Blended Scotch Whisky - £1000

The John Walker / Baccarat Crystal Decanter Blended Scotch Whisky - £2500

Haig Club, Single Grain Scotch Whisky - £135 BUY AS GIFT

Johnnie Walker - The Perfect Pour
The perfect pour tasting gives you the definitive Johnnie Walker Blue Label experience. Begin by sipping water from a Champagne flute filled with chilled iced spring water, which chills and prepares your palette. The Blue Label is served in its specific shaped and cut glass to allow optimum nosing of the character notes of Blue: smoke, chocolate and vanilla. You are then encouraged to sip a small amount of Blue Label and rotate around the mouth to get the first few notes of fruit and the sweetness of the sugars, then another sip to further intensify the notes. As this continues the heat of the whisky comes through and glows.

Haig Club
Buy a bottle of Haig Club and receive a free half hour consultation with one of our bartenders to create your very own signature Haig Club cocktail. You will also receive a recipe card for your bespoke drink, which will sit with your bottle in our keep.

How to Buy a Bottle?
Bottle keep whisky's can be purchased from the team in The Salon. They are also available to buy online as a gift vouchers. The perfect present for Father's Day, birthdays and Christmas.

T: 0141 248 8888