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Wine Tasting Evening

The Bonham are delighted to have joined with Buffwine for a fourth tasting evening at The Bonham.

Worlds apart? The Southern Hemisphere of wine in focus.

Does the "New World" merely pay homage to the classic French regions, or has the Southern Hemisphere now carved its own wine identity?

Since the 1970s the phrase "New World" has gone from being a loosely collective term for "any country outside of Europe who dared to make wine", to now being an altogether different proposition in the 21st Century. In that relatively short space of time, the Australians had the audacity to take on the might of the French, the Kiwi's vision certainly wasn't clouded, and parts of South America became the "perfect" place for grapes to grow.

So where are we today, are the hemispheres still worlds apart?



The Events Room

£25 per person

Evening will include:
Buffwine tasting session
6 tasting glass of wine
Platter of meat and cheese to complement the wines

Full prepayment is required at the time of booking (accompanied by a Card Authorisation Form).

To make a booking please contact our Events team:

T: 0131 274 7404

By Natalie